Hello friends! It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, but you can’t get rid of me that easily…

Last month (and last year – how is it already 2015?!), TP took a trip to Palisades Elementary School in Capistrano Beach for one of the last Arts Teach shows of 2014. In case you weren’t aware, you can see the ocean from this school, which is the coolest thing ever.

Doug and I arrived at the school bright and early on a slightly drizzly morning – I should mention that I love rainy weather, and seeing as we don’t get a lot of it in Orange County, I was pretty jazzed. While we waited for the others to arrive, we sat in the car eating our Starbucks breakfast and jamming out to the Rent soundtrack.

Once the van arrived, we unloaded and set up in the multipurpose room. Once we set up the stage, we started getting ready for the first of our three shows.

Doug and David model...er...set up the equipment.

Doug and David model…er…set up the equipment.

Doug thought he was just using my phone to do his hair, but I snuck in a picture.

Doug thought he was just using my phone to do his hair, but I snuck in a picture.








I’ve actually never done a school show before, so I was a little nervous to perform for the kids. It turned out to be even more fun than the average gig, though; the kids were very responsive and laughed at everything. A word of advice if you’re looking to make kids laugh – dance as weird as you possibly can. I felt like a rock star! My favorite part was when Bryan asked the youngest kids if they had any questions, and three kids proceeded to tell us how old their brothers were.

Manly. *flex*

Manly. *flex*

After the shows while we were packing up to leave, one kid poked his head out of his classroom and shouted the following at me: “Bye! You guys were actually cool!” And that was when I knew I had made it in life – a small child thought I was actually cool. You may all stand in line now. Autographs will be $20 each.

Thanks to Palisades Elementary School for bringing us out! I had a blast.

– Kelvin


On December 7, TAIKOPROJECT had a fun and exciting photoshoot!  (Apologies for the very late entry…)  It was complete with hair, make up, lights, trampolines, costumes, and, of course what is a photoshoot without some smize-ing.  The photoshoot took place in the Japanese American Theatre in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles with photographer Rob Hammer.  We took a variety of shots which included our traditional jumping poses, signature moves from our piece Many Sides, and profile shots for each member.


Setting up!

The girls had an early start to the day, coming in to get hair and make up done (as the boys worked hard with the equipment on set).  We were lucky to have two wonderful ladies, Hikari and Sydney, do our make up.  They did a wonderful job and we want to say thank you for your help!  Our hair was done by the fantastic Jen Caballero who did an amazing job making all of our hair look big and beautiful.  As the girls were getting ready, the boys were hard at work setting up the drums and equipment for the photoshoot on stage.


Jen doing her magic on Jenny’s hair~


Liz getting her make up done by Hikari

All the photos came out amazing!  A huge thank you again to Rob, Hikari, Sydney, and Jen for making this enjoyable experience happen!


Break time with some smiles and laughs!


Getting ready for the next shoot


Many Sides featuring Kelvin!


And that’s a wrap!


We love taiko!


such intense

Hello 2015 TP blog readers! Audrey here with a recap (admittedly very very late) of our performance at Metamoris 5 in November 2014, so let’s travel back in time whooooooooosh

The event took place at the Long Beach Convention Center. After getting my entry wristband, I went down the escalator into the exhibit hall and saw….



SO COOL! In addition to myself, the other TP folks involved in this gig were Blaine, Kelvin, Bryan, and Janelle. We were set up in the corner of the room and directed toward the stage. This way, we were able to watch the fights and play taiko to fit the scene/mood of the match. In addition to playing during the matches, we played for the fighter entrances. The main event was the match between Renzo Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba. You could TOTALLY tell the audience was pumped for this match. After his entrance, Sakuraba threw his mask into the audience. I wish I could have caught it!

The event was available for pay per view, and some of my friends watching were surprised to see me doin’ ma thing– haha! I had never done a performance like this before. Playing taiko to fit the mood of a scene was challenging… AND FUN! I hope I will get to do it again some time!


Can you guess who is who?




On Thursday, December 4, we performed at the James Armstrong Theatre in Torrance for the Lipstick, Shoes, Fancy Moves concert held by the TuTu Dance foundation. This performance was really close for me because I teach in Torrance so I only had to drive about 5 minutes to get to the theatre. All of us live pretty far away from each other and our performances are all over the place so we’re all used to driving awhile for practice and performances so it was nice having a short drive.

This event was really interesting because there were a lot of performances by different dance groups for the concert. I took some pictures of the different groups that performed. (I had to sneak photos from backstage so they’re not the best quality.) There was Flamenco, ballet, jazz, Irish dancing, Indian dancing, and hip-hop. Each group had a different style and culture so it was really neat seeing everyone perform on the same stage.

tutu 1tutu 2photo 1-2photo 3-2



TaikoProject had a great time performing for the students of Bethany Lutheran Elementary school.  It was quite the early morning, but the students and staff gave us lots of energy because they were such a good audience.  Thank you for having us!

TP Cast Picture

The cast before the show


Kuma-daiko, anyone?


The van makes it to 140k!

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