Back in February, TP was asked to perform at a community preview event for the new AltaSea facility that is going to be built at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro. Per their website, “AltaSea brings together science, business, and education to generate innovative solutions to the global challenges of sustainability…and demonstrate how the ocean is integral to the well-being of humankind and the health of the earth.” Science and the ocean, you say? Count me in! As a self-proclaimed nerdy water baby (I am actually an Aries, but my parents had a really difficult time getting me out of the pool on family vacations or the tub at bath time when I was younger), I was very excited to perform at this event! First things first – watch this video to get you in the mood.

It was a beautiful day at the port! Also it was hot as heck!

It was a beautiful day at the port! Also it was hot as heck!


So Bryan, David, Janelle, special guest Christine, and I headed out to the Port of Los Angeles to check out the plans for AltaSea and provide live entertainment for the event. And what’s the first thing we see when we arrive? Why, giant balloon sculptures of sea creature….things, of course!


Super cool, right? After we set up our stage outside the entrance to the building, we had some downtime to explore. In the first room, they had a model of what the port will look like after the construction is complete. The second room was dark with a bunch of giant screens all over the place, upon which scenes of ocean life were projected. The third room was where the balloon sculptures pictured above were.


The event also had a really cool selection of fruit-infused waters. Of course, we set out on a mission to try all the flavors. My personal favorite (not because of the actual taste, but because of Janelle’s reaction) was the pineapple-cayenne infused water. When Janelle tried it, she looked like a dog eating peanut butter only without the satisfaction.


This was a really fun performance, and I am so excited to visit AltaSea again once the facility is finished! Yay science!


Here are the 5 Ws of the gig…

Who: Maz, Courtney, David, Doug, Yumi
What: Arts Teach School Show
When: Friday, March 13th…oh yea! it was Friday the 13th! XD
Where: Stonecreek Elementary School in Irvine, CA
Why: Why not?! :P (Get ready for a grammatically incorrect, fragmented sentence..) Because this wonderful elementary school brought us out to to share taiko with their students and families!

It was a bit on the windy and dry side (I think it was kind of dry…not sure anymore..), but nonetheless it was a fun performance with a fun cast! The performance was at 6pm so all the kids were able to have their families enjoy the show as well.


Before the show…everyone make a face


!IMG_4417  IMG_4416

Setting it all up



Post-show pic by the van…make another face!

After the show, we all went to Tokyo Table for some grubs, where we were joined by Yama-chan (Brian Y). Then to Courtney’s excitement Yama-chan invited us all to his (not-so-new-anymore-but-Courtney’s-been-asking-to-see-it-for-a-very-long-time) digs for refreshments and games! I was trying to add a bonus video of Brian and David playing a running/hurdle game on the X-box kinect (<–is that the right system..? no idea..) buuut apparently it’s the wrong video format so this site won’t let me :-/

And now I leave with you with the random quote of the day!

“Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.” -Don Marquis



Last week on April 14, we headed down south to Corona Del Mar to perform two educational programs for ArtsTeach at Abraham Lincoln Elementary in Corona Del Mar. This is our second year on the ArtsTeach roster and we have been quite fortunate to visit over twenty-five schools and perform for thousands of students all over Southern California.

These shows were no different than many others, very enthusiastic students, raucous teacher participation, and lots of fun. We performed on the same stage where the highly-acclaimed student production of “Shrek: The Musical” took place a few weeks earlier, and, we couldn’t help ourselves and had a little fun with some of their props with our obligatory cast photo.

Backstage Shenanigans at Lincoln Elementary

Backstage Shenanigans at Lincoln Elementary

Thank you to Lincoln Elementary for bringing us out and if you’re reading this and your school is interested in bringing us out, come check out the upcoming 2015 ArtsTeach Performer Showcase at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts on May 19, 2015, or just check out the ArtsTeach website!


Not too long ago, on a waning gibbous morning of March, we performed for the wonderful children of Tustin Memorial Academy.  Luckily, I’m not too far from the school, so I hopped in my car and dashed on over in the early morning without even getting lost!  I wanted to make it before the bell so I wouldn’t get detention.  We unloaded all of our equipment into the Multipurpose Room and then stretched and discussed our sets.  We performed at 2 different times for a roomful of energetic children.  Thank you to everyone at TMA for a fun-filled morning!

We’ve arrived!  Reach for the Stars!

We’ve arrived! Reach for the Stars!

I found the stars, but couldn’t quite reach them... but remember kids, never give up!  Check out the amazing bald eagle.

I found the stars, but couldn’t quite reach them… but remember kids, never give up! Also, check out the amazing bald eagle.

Setting up on stage.

Setting up on stage.

I think we’re ready to start…

I think we’re ready to start…

Claro’s Market is right down the street and it’s lunchtime, what luck!  Highly recommended!

Claro’s Market is right down the street and it’s lunchtime, what luck! Highly recommended!



Back in January 31, 2015 TP returned for our 4th (5th?) performance at the Riverside Lunar New Year Festival.    We had a smaller cast this time consisting of David, Maz, Dan, me, and Riverside’s own Audrey Tu.  The festivities of Riverside Lunar New year never disappoint, filled with anime cosplay characters, the mysterious man with the mask, and much much more.  Hope to see you again at next year’s festival!



Since all photos I take seem to come out blurry, I went on a google image search to find some pictures to share.  The down side to that?  Here is a photo I found which (according to the post) consists of the following TP members…


From left to right: “Kelvin Lee, Blaine O’Brien, Audrey Tu and Bryan Yamami, from Taiko Project, perform at the Lunar Festival on traditional percussion”

Hmm… 1 out of 4 correct, but Bryan and I are interchangeable I suppose?


Image result for lunar new year festival taikoproject

*David’s first Lunar New year performance.


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