On Thursday, December 4, we performed at the James Armstrong Theatre in Torrance for the Lipstick, Shoes, Fancy Moves concert held by the TuTu Dance foundation. This performance was really close for me because I teach in Torrance so I only had to drive about 5 minutes to get to the theatre. All of us live pretty far away from each other and our performances are all over the place so we’re all used to driving awhile for practice and performances so it was nice having a short drive.

This event was really interesting because there were a lot of performances by different dance groups for the concert. I took some pictures of the different groups that performed. (I had to sneak photos from backstage so they’re not the best quality.) There was Flamenco, ballet, jazz, Irish dancing, Indian dancing, and hip-hop. Each group had a different style and culture so it was really neat seeing everyone perform on the same stage.

tutu 1tutu 2photo 1-2photo 3-2



TaikoProject had a great time performing for the students of Bethany Lutheran Elementary school.  It was quite the early morning, but the students and staff gave us lots of energy because they were such a good audience.  Thank you for having us!

TP Cast Picture

The cast before the show


Kuma-daiko, anyone?


The van makes it to 140k!


Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Just a quick post-turkey post! In September, TP had the opportunity to perform at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena. TP rarely puts on a large concert in LA so this was a great opportunity for  us to perform for our family and friends. We loaded all of the drums in around 3pm. spiked, and prepped for the show. There were a lot of stop and go moments during our tech time so we can see *someone* taking a break before the full run. Who can that be??

IMG_5673 (1)

I got to the museum fairly early so I walked around for a bit. I got in trouble for eating an apple outside of the museum D: I can see why…it’s beautiful!



Thank you to the museum staff for all their hard work, and a special thank you to our friends and family who made it out to the show!


IMG_4108IMG_4112On the morn of Oct 30th, before the sun even peeked its head over the horizon, bright-eyed warrior, Doug, set out on a quest to find the perfect breakfast item. An hour later, cronuts and breakfast sandwich in hand, he arrived at Longley Way Elementary School in Arcadia to be joined shortly by his fellow TP warriors, Bryan, Maz, Liz and Jen.


Powered up with cronut power, the crew was able to blast through their set up and played two exciting sets for the eager students at Longley Way. Master sage, John Miyasaki, even made a special appearance in the audience that day! After the shows, the team packed up their instruments of dissemination and drove off towards the hills in search of their next journey… the perfect lunch item.IMG_4109IMG_4110 :P




Okay!! Ready to go!!                                                              Liz’s feet need a tan :)


The Beverly Center, with its posh shops and opulent clientele, might be the last place you’d expect to find a high-energy taiko performance early on a Friday morning. Nevertheless Taikoproject was there in full force one recent Friday in October for the grand opening of UNIQLO LA’s latest shop.


By the time the ribbon-cutting ceremony began, numerous customers were already lined up to be among the first to get their hands on some sweet UNIQLO goods–we had a surprisingly large audience! A couple of short songs to get everyone’s attention, and a big drumroll when the grand ribbon was being cut. 20141010_09182220141010_101331

We all enjoyed the fringe benefits of a clothing store opening–cast members got the chance to enter the store early and pick out a down vest to match our tee-shirts. Talk about rock-star treatment. Tabi and puffy vest… most stylish Taikoproject performance to date? Probably.

After the store had been open for a while we played Many Sides for some customers coming out of the store and packed up the drums for the remaining small shows throughout the weekend.

All in all, we had a blast! Thanks again to UNIQLO for including us in this event (and for the excellent gear!).

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